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Research & Development

In YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH & Co. KG’s laboratories, committed chemists develop new ideas and formulations for care, styling and household products and adjust the existing products to changing market requirements. The new product formulations are produced in the lab and tested regularly by independent institutions, as well as a large number of test persons, prior to production.

Our labs are responsible for the stability of all formulations and comply in carrying out monitored storage tests with all the products. Best skin safety is proved in dermatologic tests.

An example for an important recent trend is the continuously growing styling segment. Currently, almost every day new products for young people add to this market segment. Modern styling products such as forming creams, wax and gel products for any kind of application experience a high demand. For this segment, too, we offer a wide range of most various products.

A core segment in the market is the shaving sector where we are confronted with ever new developments. The multiblade razor, in particular, represents a major challenge for shaving products and after-shave care. Special products to improve how the razorblade glides over the skin while at the same time offering best possible protection are just as necessary as soothing care components for the after-shave segment. This is where we integrate our many years of experience into the development of shaving and after-shave products. At YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH & Co. KG, we have a tailor-made solution for every need and play an active role in designing the range for modern wet shaving. This is how we smooth the way for successful trade and proprietary brands.