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From liquids to creams and gels, and over to aerosols, YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH & Co. KG has available a variety of production facilities for tailor-made manufacturing.
Through cooperation with „specialists“ throughout Europe a maximum degree of efficiency and productivity is guaranteed – nobody can produce everything equally well.
The production activities of YOUR OWN BRAND GmbH & Co. KG will be managed by the 100%-subsidiary Deutsche Aerosol GmbH; this keeps either investments on production facilities or closes an exclusive contract with their partners.

The range of filling systems for cosmetics, care and houshold products includes very small systems with low output volumes, as well as nearly fully automatic filling lines producing 220 units per minute. Given the different degree of automation and the varying output volume, we can avail ourselves of the advantages of the different production lines both for large and for small lot sizes, thus realizing the best price-to-performance ratio for you and your private label products.

Based on this diversity, we are a competent supplier not only in the bulk products market, but also for niche products.

Flexible planning

We work with a rolling forecast in an automatic production planning in order to achieve the optimum production lot sizes and scheduling. Of course, there is still room for special requirements, such as promotion actions.

The flexible planning combined with warehousing enables us and you to achieve the best possible utilization of the capacities. In this way you as a customer have the opportunity of a more flexible planning with the option of calling your product as required.