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Brand concepts

We have developed brand concepts for different product areas. If customers do not possess their own trade or proprietary brands, or do not wish to use their own brands for certain product areas, we can offer them ready-made concepts of ranges, including product design, that can be implemented speedily and in an uncomplicated fashion as the need arises.

We also use our brand concepts to give the products being presented an identity. It's generally helpful if new articles can be presented in a certain design environment from when they first appear on the shelf.

The layouts, products and product presentations shown are merely by way of example. Our portfolio currently comprises the following brand concepts:


Our new Balbini series includes fun products for kids around the topic bathroom:
Bath Mousses

Glacelle - depilation for ladies

Brandnew: the depilation series for ladies under the brand GLACELLE. GLACELLE provides a fully developed range of products for a safe and gentle hair removal that helps to keep hair regrowth under control.


The Repisol repellents series protects from mosquito bites and repels ticks.

Repisol repellent aerosol
Repisol pumpspray
Repisol pumpspray sensitive
Repisol lotion
Repisol first aid after mosquito bites

COLOURFX- Funky Colours

For a trendy look day and night – change your style to suit your mood with cheeky, bright colours using COLOURFX® colour hairsprays and colour styling gels.

el capitan men

The new private label series by YOB:
Shaving Gel [200 ml]
After Shave [100 ml]
Shower & Shampoo 2 in 1 [300 ml]
Deodorant Spray [200 ml]

OTC Series

Seawater nasal spray
Seawater ear spray
Plaster spray
Blister prevention spray


SYS-PUR Room Spray
SYS-PUR Starch Spray & Ironing Aid
Bathroom & Bathtub Spray
WC Active Foam
Oven & Grill Cleaner
Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner
SYS-PUR Insect Spray